Find to Design: Raleigh, NC


I'm an avid Craigslist shopper. I love being able to sit on my computer at night with a glass of wine and find some hidden (and inexpensive!) gems. Because our little apartment is busting at the seams already with my finds, I've decided to bring the hunt to you. I'll be featuring a different city each week with the Craigslist finds and inspiration photos to help you see the (sometimes hidden) possibilities! 


We're starting the hunt in my hometown, Raleigh. As my love of all things mid century modern has grown, I am absolutely obsessed with mixing different materials within one space. This pair of rattan throne chairs makes a huge statement, while bringing in a natural element to a room. While the wicker vases may seem to be an extra bonus, these are lovely and would look great on a fire place, beside an accent chair, or on an entry table. And for a hundred bucks, it's a great deal!

What I love about this inspiration photo is the way the rattan chair is flawlessly placed with other materials. A woven basket, a leather pouf, the stone wall, a chambray curtain, a patterned pillow, and a bold rug, all work together seamlessly. The rattan chair breaks up the pattern and color and adds a soft, yet dramatic, natural elegance. I'm also a huge fan of the seat. Imagine what fun fabrics you could create a cushion out of for the pair!

Next up is this beautiful apothecary cabinet. What I love about the craigslist find is the size and coloring. You wouldn't have to do a thing to it! In the inspiration photo, they attached metal legs to the bottom and added a piece of glass to the top. Because it looks as if the top of our found cabinet opens, I would suggest omitting the glass or. if you want to use it frequently, secure the top down and then add the glass on top. This piece could make a great coffee table, end table, or bed side table. And for $155, it's quite the deal.

To say I love this duo would be an understatement. And for $150? Yes, please. The black seat could definitely be kept, but I also love the look of tossing a couple sheepskin throws over them. They could also be covered in a fresh, even patterned, fabric for a updated look as well. I love how the chairs are placed over a cowhide rug and sit on either side of a small butler table style end table. The clean lines work well with the structured lines of the sofa, but they would look great paired with almost any upholstered piece!

This sofa had my heart from the moment I saw it. I love the structured lines paired with the luxuriously tufted olive velvet. This sofa could be recovered, or like the inspiration photo, it could be kept in it's colorful state. This sofa would look great in a room with lots of contrast, colorful accents, and bold patterns. It would also be beautiful as the pop of color in a more neutral room. 


There you have it, some beautiful (and inexpensive) Craigslist gems to brighten your Tuesday! I'll be scouring the country for more finds. Where should I search next?