Bridal Portraits: Yay or Nay?


Back in November I was toying with the idea of having my bridal portraits taken. I was talking to a photographer friend and she strongly urged me to have them done. I am so glad that I did and I would encourage any bride to have portraits taken! They are definitely worth the splurge, and here's why:

Hair and makeup trial run. While you can most certainly do this without having your portraits taken, having the opportunity to see how you hair and makeup holds up over the course of the day is crucial. We ended up making a few minor changes to my hair because of the way it naturally fell throughout the day. If you get your hair and makeup done and then go about your day, you make think that whatever you looked like in the stylist's chair will be what you will look like at the end of your reception. 99% of the time this isn't the case, so give yourself the peace of mind to know what to expect out of your hair and makeup once you've cried, danced, and eaten. It also allows you to see what you hair and makeup look like photographed. I happened to love the photos of my makeup, but it helps you judge if you want less or more based on what your photos will look like.

Bouquet trial run. Being a type A perfectionist, I also splurged on a mock bouquet for my portraits. I wanted to see my vision come to life and to make sure my florist and I were on the same page. Although not all of the flowers used at the wedding were in season at the time of the portraits, I was absolutely in love with the overall look and feel of my bouquet. It put me at ease that my florists had a solid grasp on my vision and could implement it perfectly. Bonus: it gave my hands something to do! It is actually quite difficult to have your photo taken alone with nothing in your hands. I promise having a bouquet will make you more comfortable in front on the camera!

You get to know your photographer. I absolutely love Nancy, and having the opportunity to spend more time with her before my wedding day put me at ease. It's great to build relationships with those you are hiring for your wedding because it makes you feel like you have a great team rallying around you! They want your wedding to be as spectacular as you want it to be, which is an amazing feeling.

A light at the end of the wedding planning tunnel! This is probably the most joyous reason to have a bridal session. After all of the planning and questioning and changing your mind, you finally get to see everything put together (on yourself at least!). It was such a sweet moment to share with my mom when I finally had my hair and makeup done, my dress, shoes and jewelry on, with a veil in my hair and bouquet in hand. It finally felt real and after all the stress of other elements of planning a wedding we had fun.


What are your thoughts on bridal portraits? Do you have a session scheduled or are you planning on skipping them?


Images by Nancy Ray Photography

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