Flower Study

I'm a flower lover, through and through. One day, I'd love to have add a fresh flower category to my weekly budget just so I can ensure I always have fresh blooms in the house. As a wedding industry professional, I see beautiful bouquets, centerpieces, and flower designs all the time. I have decided it's time I freshen up my flower knowledge. 

Brides-to-be, planners, stylists, and party throwers, this is for you. I have compiled a list of some of my personal favorite flowers and the pros and cons of using them in events. Like I said, above you'll find some of my favorites. I'm hoping to post a few more Flower Study features throughout my wedding series. What are your favorites? What are you planning to use in your wedding? What did you use in your wedding? Soon I'll be sharing all about my wedding, including our florist and flower choices!