Fly, fly away


1. Emerald Ceramic Lamp    2. Vintage Bird Print 1     3. Wood Beaded Chandelier 

4. Lattice Green Pillow     5. Flamingo Wallpaper     6. Vintage Bird Print 2

7. Gold Twig End Table     8. Lotus Wood Mirror     9. Lansing Cement Sofa

I'm going to be real honest with y'all, I hate birds in real life. Maybe it was my near death experience when I got attached by a mama bird when I was nine, or that time I got a little bird poo poo on my head at the beach a couple summer's back, but there's something about birds I really don't like. In real life, that is. As strange as it sounds I have a huge crush on vintage bird prints.

I created this mood board to help you imagine decor that would compliment these prints perfectly. The two prints I have chosen are extremely different, yet they work together so well. The first bird print is a little more whimsical and colorful. I love the contrast and movement in this print. The second print I chose has more of a text book feel, soft coloring, and a beautiful natural frame. While they are wildly different, these two prints could exist in the same room flawlessly. To compliment the colors in the first bird print I chose an emerald ceramic lamp and a green lattice pillow. In every design I like to throw in a pop of patter or color that stands alone but adds a lot of depth and visual interest. For me, the lattice pillow does just that. 

To mimic the theme of birds, I added a beautiful gold twig end table. Pair this next to the tufted cement colored sofa, and you have a timeless duo. Other accessories that complete the look are a lotus wood mirror and a wood beaded chandelier. The addition of natural wood plays off the organic elements in the bird prints. I love the mixture of textures here - natural wood, tufted fabric, and gilded gold. Timeless yet original. 

When I saw this flamingo wallpaper from Anthro I had to include it. It isn't overstated and would make a beautiful accent wall or could be framed as another piece of art. And I absolutely love the natural, simplistic take on the flamingos. A little different from the typical beach store interpretation! 

In my home, we have a vintage sailboat theme going on. If I can't live near the water I'm going to bring it to me (that's how I win over this decor battle with my husband)! But this mood board has definitely made me want to incorporate some vintage bird elements. What are your favorite animals or objects to use in your decor?