Gifts for Engaged Friends

Proposals are events full of so much hope, excitement, and pure joy. When a couple decides that they are going to spend the rest of their life together, the celebrating begins now. As friends and family of a couple that are now in the midst of wedding planning, it's your job to keep things in perspective, love on the bride and groom to be, and strive to make this time in their lives as enjoyable as possible. I love when friends get engaged because it's a chance to begin celebrating their covenant and relationship in some fun ways! I've put together a few of my favorite gifts to give newly engaged friends. 


1. Wedding magazines

2. Monogrammed clutch

3. The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller

4. Fresh flowers

5. Mrs. apron

6. Ring holder

7. Family crest

I love the heart behind so many of these gifts. For a newly engaged friend, her heart won't beat much faster than when she sees her new monogram for the first time. Or when you gift the couple a family crest to be framed in their new home. It's the firsts of the engagement process that they will cherish forever. I also love gifts that add to the giddiness and joy of the whole event! Wedding magazines, fresh flowers, and heck, a bottle of champagne, will be such a sweet and fun treat for the couple to enjoy together as they begin planning. This is also a chance to begin a tradition for the couple. Gifting them with something that they can pass down from generation to generation, like a gorgeous jewelry box, is a beautiful sentiment. But my favorite gift out of all of them would have to be the book The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. As a friend, maid of honor, mother of the bride, or family member, it is your job to help prepare this couple not just for their wedding, but for marriage. This book is packed full of godly knowledge on how to make a marriage centered around Christ. It's definitely a favorite of mine!

What is your favorite gift to give friends when they get engaged? What were some of your favorite gifts you received? I'd love to hear!