My Design Philosophy


You know the warm glow of the summer sun as it begins to set in the west? That’s what I want my home to look, feel, and even taste like. Textures that you could just drown in and never get up. Hugs with my husband as we cook dinner together at night. The light and joy of our Savior filling every single second. A home that is lived in. A home that inspires.  A home where love abounds.

I believe that styling and designing a space is a special privilege. My hope is that all of my creations are a reflection the great Creator. I love getting out into the world to find inspiration, and I want to bring you along on that journey.

one, two

Over the past year I have done a lot of soul searching and growing to answer the age old question: what is my style? When Victoria Smith of SFGirlbyBay was asked who or what has influenced her style or taste, she said, "I think designing is an extension of your personality. It's the place I know I feel most comfortable and feeds my creativity. I decorate using elements that really mean something to me or make me feel happy when I see them." Sweet and simple, but oh so true. I have come into my own the past year - taking on projects that fire me up, creating a home with my husband that we love, having a clear direction that I want to move in - and all of this has led to the development of my personal style. As much as I love trends, I'm seeking a style that is timeless. One that remains beautiful and fresh throughout the years. This blog will document my journey to honing an organic, clean, and fresh style in my home, work, and play.

one, two

I'm curious. If you had to define your style in three words, could you? What words would you use? I'm so excited and grateful you're here!