DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board


This is one of my favorite DIY projects to date. Why? It is simple, inexpensive, and practical. When we moved into our apartment a few months ago, I had been scouring the internet and stores to find the perfect fabric covered bulletin board for my desk space. They were either too pricey or just not my style, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I chose a linen fabric with a gold detailing that I had bought on sale for another project, but you can use any fabric ranging from cotton to duck cloth. As long as you use strong spray adhesive, it will adhere! So, are you ready to learn how to transform a plain Jane bulletin board in under 10 minutes?



- Bulletin board (I got mine for $9.99 at Target)

- Spray adhesive (I used Tree House Studio from Hobby Lobby - $5.99)

- Fabric (a little over a yard)


Lay the bulletin board down on a flat surface. Lay your fabric over top and trim edges, leaving an extra 2.5" of fabric around the perimeter.


In a ventilated area, prop the bulletin board up using two even surfaces (like paint cans). Spray the bottom third of the board with the spray adhesive and quickly, but carefully, apply fabric to that section, smoothing the fabric from bottom to top to get rid of any bubbles. Repeat with the next two sections of the board.


After the fabric has adhered to the front of the board, flip it over. Extend the adhesive spray from the edges of the board to about 2" on the back, one side at a time, and tightly pull fabric over the edge, onto the back, and press down. This will secure the edges of your fabric down. Trim extra if necessary. When you get to the corners, pull edges diagonally as if you were wrapping a present. 


And there you have it! Easy enough, right? I contemplated adding a nailhead trim border around the edge, but opted not to. If you're wanting something that looks a little fancier, that would be a great option for you! 

After I finished the board, I hung it in my desk space and began filling it with inspiration photos, photos of past weddings + shoots I've done, letters and notes from friends, and my personal photos. Because it is visible from our living room (and dining room and kitchen…oh the joys of apartment living!) I wanted to keep it in the same color family as the rest of our apartment.

If you try this project, I'd love to hear how it goes! This is such  versatile and simple DIY that I'm confident y'all will create some beautiful bulletin boards!


Photography by Kaitlin Holland


Desk Space


I love my little nook in the apartment. It's full of bright light, tons of inspiration, and all of my work happens right here. To be honest, it's the only part of the apartment that I feel like we've really finished (with the exception of one pull handle on the desk). I want to walk y'all through a few of my favorite finds that made my desk space what it is. 

First off, my task table lamp was found at an antique show for $30. I had been looking for one like it for months, but I wasn't in love with the store versions I was seeing/prices they were selling for. (My closest favorite is this West Elm version.) I had no idea if it worked when I bought it (thankfully it did!), but I knew I had to have this 1940s lamp. I kept it the way I found it, black, because I like the contrast with my other neutral elements.

My other favorite find for my desk space is my tall bamboo + cane chair. I also found this at a antique show and purchased it for $25. The cane is in perfect condition and I love the dramatic statement it makes! Not to mention it is comfy and coordinates well with our bamboo coffee + end tables in the living room.

The desk was something my mom had found on Craigslist for $40. It was originally brown with flower-shaped hardware. I decided to paint it white to keep the space light, and found some amazing hardware from Anthropologie. For detail, I painted the feet with gold leaf paint for a dipped look.

One of my favorite projects in this area is my fabric covered bulletin board. I had seen many different styles I loved in stores and on Pinterest, but for cost's sake I decided to make my own. Stay tuned for a DIY post tomorrow!

And of course, Sophie Mae is a desk space staple. She is always either under my feet of laying beside me. Look at that cute thing - can you blame me for taking Sophie snuggle breaks?!


Do you love your desk space? What are some of your desk essentials to keep you productive and inspired?


Photography by Kaitlin Holland


Find to Design: Washington, D.C.

Our Capital is crawling with great finds. Nothing in this post is over $120. I'm serious. I may have to make a trip up to visit Abe Lincoln and scout a few Craigslist finds. But until then, here are some of my favorites found in DC:

This white Pottery Barn dresser is amazing. For $120, you really can't beat it. This dresser would look amazing against a bold wall like the peacock blue one in the inspiration. Although our find doesn't have the wood detailing of the inspiration piece, it does come with the modern hardware, an added bonus.

A good bar stool is hard to come by these days. This pair of mid century modern Tiki Arthur Umanoff swivel bar stools, however, is a keeper. Although the inspiration photo doesn't feature a pair of bar stools that look like our finds, I can see the stools working perfectly in there. The all white floors and cabinets and the light cowhide rug make the space feel super open and bright. There are accents of wood in the accessories and kitchen nook chairs, and I think pulling in that natural element to the bar area would work perfectly!

Oh how I love a beautiful campaign end table. Our find is a gorgeous natural wood, so painting it wouldn't be necessary. Campaign dressers/end tables are a modern way to spruce up your bedside. Topped with a gorgeous lamp, a couple prints, and a vase of flowers, you have a gorgeously styled vignette.

Let me first say, I could live in that inspiration photo. I love the gallery wall of vintage water prints, the old hardwood floors, and the bright light. I also love the way the designer seamlessly blended new and old, modern and vintage. Our find would be an awesome addition to a room that needs a pop of color and wants a vintage element. They are retro and fun and I adore them!


Did y'all have a favorite find from the week? Please share! Where to next?


Bridal Portraits: Yay or Nay?


Back in November I was toying with the idea of having my bridal portraits taken. I was talking to a photographer friend and she strongly urged me to have them done. I am so glad that I did and I would encourage any bride to have portraits taken! They are definitely worth the splurge, and here's why:

Hair and makeup trial run. While you can most certainly do this without having your portraits taken, having the opportunity to see how you hair and makeup holds up over the course of the day is crucial. We ended up making a few minor changes to my hair because of the way it naturally fell throughout the day. If you get your hair and makeup done and then go about your day, you make think that whatever you looked like in the stylist's chair will be what you will look like at the end of your reception. 99% of the time this isn't the case, so give yourself the peace of mind to know what to expect out of your hair and makeup once you've cried, danced, and eaten. It also allows you to see what you hair and makeup look like photographed. I happened to love the photos of my makeup, but it helps you judge if you want less or more based on what your photos will look like.

Bouquet trial run. Being a type A perfectionist, I also splurged on a mock bouquet for my portraits. I wanted to see my vision come to life and to make sure my florist and I were on the same page. Although not all of the flowers used at the wedding were in season at the time of the portraits, I was absolutely in love with the overall look and feel of my bouquet. It put me at ease that my florists had a solid grasp on my vision and could implement it perfectly. Bonus: it gave my hands something to do! It is actually quite difficult to have your photo taken alone with nothing in your hands. I promise having a bouquet will make you more comfortable in front on the camera!

You get to know your photographer. I absolutely love Nancy, and having the opportunity to spend more time with her before my wedding day put me at ease. It's great to build relationships with those you are hiring for your wedding because it makes you feel like you have a great team rallying around you! They want your wedding to be as spectacular as you want it to be, which is an amazing feeling.

A light at the end of the wedding planning tunnel! This is probably the most joyous reason to have a bridal session. After all of the planning and questioning and changing your mind, you finally get to see everything put together (on yourself at least!). It was such a sweet moment to share with my mom when I finally had my hair and makeup done, my dress, shoes and jewelry on, with a veil in my hair and bouquet in hand. It finally felt real and after all the stress of other elements of planning a wedding we had fun.


What are your thoughts on bridal portraits? Do you have a session scheduled or are you planning on skipping them?


Images by Nancy Ray Photography

Modified from original post seen on Simply Put Vintage Blog